What do we do?

When we started working in the influencer marketing space, we
always wanted to make a difference. We noticed that something
was not working, and even today, we still feel that there is a
disconnect within industry and its tools that are supposed to help
brands grow and build trust.

While there were so many paths we could have taken which have been paved by other
marketing experts, none of them truly reflected who we are. In the end, we chose the
boldest, most challenging, but rewarding route: The Sustainable Way.

Until now, there has been no clear definition of “Sustainable influencer marketing” so what
does it really entail?

In a few words, it's the way that consumer brands and influencers build honest
relationships based on their values.

We discovered that when we match the values of influencers and brands with the core
values of a consumer via social media, trustworthy relationships are built. — We aren’t
revolutionizing the marketplace, we are actually going back to the roots of what a
collaboration between a brand and an influencer is supposed to be. Which is ultimately what
sustainability means as well.

The second boldest move was not to become an agency. We chose to become a
“technology platform” like AIRBnB, Uber, and Fiverr, but instead we solve a specific problem
in the influencer marketing industry. Our attention is dedicated to the nature of a match
using technology, building from there. At our very core, we utilize our technology and
algorithms to successfully match our influencers with our brands to optimize and expose
their shared values and mission. A lot of agencies have tried to do this unsucessfully.

For us, Bolder isn’t about being neutral or beating around the bush. Our vision is defined by
working with Sustainable consumer brands.

This is who we are:

Bolder: a Sustainable influencer marketing tech platform
that never settles, we are always looking for more.

We welcome the entire community of influencers and sustainable consumer brands to
experience our new journey and to let us know how it feels.

Daniel Salcedo...
Warmest regards,
Daniel Salcedo
CEO & Founder Bolder