What do we do?
We are a creator tech platform that connects creators & influencers with emerging and purpose drive fashion and lifestyle brands to generate growth and improve their conversions.
How is Bolder different from other influencers platforms?
Our platform provides small businesses with the possibility of making an End-to-End Content Creators campaign without any effort. Accurate influencer recommendations, easy follow up in regards to the collaboration status, and an automatic and full report of the campaign.This will help the brand to understand how everything’s going and how their budget is being spent.
What kind of creators does Bolder work with?
Bolder Has +2500 content creators in our library with different styles and audiences. Our main goal is to match brands with the ideal creator to achieve their goals and reach targeted audiences. We make connections based on the brand’s style and special requirements.
How do you create the matches?
Based on the brand’s information and special requirements, we reach out to influencers who have a specific following and certain characteristics. We take care of the negotiation for you. We create a package for each credit plan, and once the brand decides the budget and the profiles, the collaboration process starts.
1. Do I have to pay for the garments?
No! You will receive the items selected for free straight to your house, or you can pick them up in store, if necessary. Once you get matched with a brand, we will ask you to pick your items and share your shipping information and size. We want you to accept brands that compliment your style, garments that you would really wear in your everyday life.
2. Do I have a deadline to make the post after receiving the garment?
You can find our credit plans here. (Link to credit plans) We can create custom plans for the first campaign, or for specific collaborations.
3. Can I return the garment?
You can return the garment if you have any sizing or condition issues.. We will review each case if necessary.
4. How can I receive my payment?
If you have been selected for a paid collaboration, you will receive the payment via Paypal or Zelle the first Friday after all the content and metrics have been shared with us.
1. What should I do as a brand?
After a quick chat with us about your main objectives and special requirements, we will share with you our recommended influencers and credit plans. Once you pick your plan, you will only need to approve or disapprove creators and ship items. At the end of the campaign, you will receive the content that was created and a final report. Yes, it is that easy!
2. Pricing
You can find our credit plans here. (Link to credit plans) We can create custom plans for the first campaign, or for specific collaborations.
3. Which are the payment options?
Our preferred payment is Paypal, but we have alternative options if needed.
4. What happens if I make a mistake choosing the garment for the influencer?
If you make a mistake, the influencer will return the garment and you’ll have to send the correct one again. All shipping payments will be handled directly by the brand.
5. How much time do the campaigns last?
It will depend on the type of campaign you chose, but it typically lasts for one month.
6. Can I use the content that influencers created for me?
You will receive the highresolution content at the end of the campaign for you to repost organically.
7. What happens if an influencer doesnt post the content?
We do not pay for the collaboration and we will discount the money for the item given to the influencer from your final payment. We are responsible for the creators that work with us, except if you pick an influencer by yourself and ask us to arrange details.
8. How do I know the results for my campaign?
At the end of the campaign you will receive a detailed report with the metrics of each influencer and a recommendation for the next one.